Stephan Alexander Slams His Ex Kayla Sessler after she claimed he is just paying $11 in child support

KAYLA Sessler’s ex Stephan Alexander has clapped back after she claimed his child support payments have dropped to $11 a month.

The Teen Mom star has been vocal about her ex’s lack of parental involvement over the past three years.

He thanked his ex for 'keeping him relevant'

Stephan, 23, took to his Instagram stories on Friday to clap back at Kayla, 22, after shOn Friday, e slammed him for paying just $11 in child month.

The reality star wrote: “Remember what goes around come around. Mfs be tuff [sic], Tony, with a camera around.

“Mfs be living too much of that persona life they don’t remember where they came from,” he ranted.

“If only Mfs were talking like this when I gave af about drama. But imma let y’all talk y’all just keeping me relevant cause nothing else is important for Mfs to talk about.”

However, Stephan later denied that his complaint was targeted at his ex after a fan account re-shared the post.

“Every last one of you people on this post need stop tryna from making anything I say into Kayla and Luke you heard them they not worried about me, and I would like for it to remain that way less drama all around.

“This post isn’t about what they said about me because I could honestly care less about what they say or y’all say about me y’all have a nice night though.”

In a second comment, he added: “Y’all just want mfs to be into it. If I wanted to say something to Kayla or Luke, I would just say it to them.”


Stephan’s post followed Kayla’s claim that he has only been paying $11 in child support for their three-year-old son Izaiah.

After a fan jokingly tweeted: “Stephan could have at least put his $42 child support payment on his card”, the TV personality replied: “It’s only $11 now.”

The MTV star has previously ripped her baby daddy for his financial contributions to their child.

Kayla filed a complaint about support against Stephan four months after the birth of their son.

In court papers exclusively obtained by The Sun from March of 2018, Stephan was ordered to pay temporary child support for $124 per month.

However, in April of that year the child support amount was adjusted to $40 a month until June of 2036.

Both Kayla and Stephan have listed their monthly income at $751, and have assigned MTV – New Remote Productions as their employer.

The Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star then alleged that her ex’s monthly contribution was even less after sharing a picture of her $11.07 child support check on Instagram.

She wrote in her story: “So I just got my child support check in the mail, and this is for how much. This is not a joke. This is real life.”


Kayla has had a rocky relationship with Stephen since giving birth to their son three years ago.

The father of one has not been a consistent figure in Izaiah’s life, and in a recent Q&A with fans, she revealed that he has been out of the picture for some time.

After a fan asked when they last saw Stephen, Kayla replied: “Remember the scene last season where I took Izaiah to the park to meet Stephan?

“Yeah, that was the last time. I was still pregnant with Ariah, and Zay was only one.”


The MTV star’s followers also asked if her current partner, Luke, has plans to adopt Izaiah as his own.

“Do you think Luke would want to adopt Zay somehow legally?” one asked, as she replied: “We cover this topic on the new season.”

However, Stephen made an unexpected reappearance on the first episode of the new season.

During Izaiah’s third birthday party, a visitor arrived with a gift and a long note for the toddler from his estranged father.

Kayla slammed Stephan for only paying '$11' in child support


Kayla slammed Stephan for only paying ‘$11’ in child supportCredit: Instagram/Kayla Sessler

The couple share a three-year-old son


The couple share a three-year-old sonCredit: Facebook

Kayla's new man discussed adopting Izaiah in the new season



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