Stepmom Blows Out Stepdaughter’s Birthday Candles in Viral Video

A video of a stepmom blowing out her stepdaughter’s birthday candles has gone viral and is angering people online.

The video was originally posted to Twitter by a person named Mandy, whose Twitter handle is @killcops. It was uploaded with the caption: “Just went to my bday dinner and my bitch ass stepmom blew out my candles like ????? the reaction I had.”

In the video, Mandy is smiling and chatting with their family and their stepmom to their side as the candles in their cake are lit next to them. As they continue chatting, the candles can be seen getting blown out. This seems to immediately change the mood. Mandy’s face drops as she looks over to where her stepmom is and their whole family gets quiet.

Since the video was posted on Sunday, it has garnered over 2 million views on Twitter and over 181,000 likes. It was later reposted to TikTok, where it similarly went viral, garnering over 269,000 views and more than 57,000 likes.

While the video sparked a debate online, it also apparently caused a rift within Mandy’s family. Mandy posted a screenshot of a text message she received from their father. Mandy’s father appeared to send hera screengrab of her Instagram post about it and said that their stepmother has done nothing but be nice to them and bend over backward for them.

And an Instagram comment that is assumed to come from another family member, said, “FUCK YOU ALL.” The commenter came to the stepmom’s defense, saying that she does “a lot of shit for her.”

Twitter users, however, are showing their support for Mandy, understanding why they looked so upset. “The hurt, the pain, the disrespect, and utter AUDACITY,” one person replied. Another person said, “No cause this would’ve been the start of my villain arc.”

One Twitter user asked why the stepmom did blew their candles out, and Mandy replied, “Literally unprovoked… she’s just rude.”

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