Steve Lodge hits back after Vicki Gunvalson blasts him over broken engagement

Steve Lodge denies Vicki Gunvalson’s account of their breakup. Pic credit: Bravo

It looks like Steve Lodge has more to say following his split from Vicki Gunvalson.

News of their split broke shortly after Vicki wrapped filming for The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Season 2 on the east coast a few weeks ago. She was spotted out with Tamra Judge, having some drinks at an establishment in New York City.

After the news circulated, Vicki Gunvalson confirmed the split on Instagram, with Tamra Judge having her back and throwing major shade at Steve Lodge. Recently, it was revealed that Vicki’s account of the breakup included cheating and being used, but that’s not how her ex-fiance remembers it.

Steve Lodge tells a different breakup story than Vicki Gunvalson

After seeing what Vicki Gunvalson said about him and their relationship, Steve Lodge decided to clear the air. He made one statement and revealed that it would be the last time he spoke about the matter.

Bravo Snark Side was able to obtain the statement Steve made.

He wrote, “Vicki and I ended our engagement and relationship in December of 2020. I did this in person verbally and explained it to her in writing. We had not been in an intimate relationship since September of 2020.”

Continuing on, he said, “I have been living in Puerto Vallarta in my own condo, not hers, since the beginning of 2021. We remained friends, but it was clear to me Vicki was still wanting more, which I told her was not possible. I wanted to move on with my life, and I could not do that with Vicki. I’m sorry that Vicki cannot accept this, but it was time.”

And finally, Steve wrapped up, saying, “The absolute lies she is now spreading on social media are very disappointing and disingenuous, to say the least. But I cannot say I’m surprised. She should not be dragging Tamra or anyone else into her lies. With that being said, I still wish her all the best.”

What was Vicki Gunvalson’s account of the breakup with Steve Lodge?

Looking back and comparing Steve Lodge’s statement to the rumors that swirled about a breakup, it seems like his timing fits with the reports of their split earlier this year. During the holidays, Vicki was questioned about why she didn’t spend Christmas with Steve when she arrived in North Carolina without him.

Vicki’s account of the split was that he used her and her celebrity status as he ran for governor of California. She also alleged that he cheated on her, even going as far as taking the woman to Vicki’s home in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico.

Followers may never know what truly happened during their breakup, as both accounts are drastically different.

The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently on hiatus.


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