Steve SLAMMED By Viewers For His Uncanny Behavior

90 Day fiance: The Other Way big-name Steven Johnston faces tough times at the viewers’ hands. The American native started his journey on Season 3 with his Russian girlfriend, Alina. The two share a bizarre relationship which is never been seen before on the show.

Some couples struggle with lifestyle issues, some with compatibility, some with lack of commitment but Steve and Alina are suffering from Steve’s weird behavior. It seems that more than Alina, the viewers feel trapped in this relationship because of Steve’s uncanny behavior.

steve alina 90 day fiance

Steve has a very controlling nature towards Alina. This is to the extent where people have started wondering why the hell is she even considering him. Many viewers think that the sweet girl Alina deserves someone better. So what has made viewers’ minds hard as nails for Steve? Keep reading to know complete details.

90 Day fiance: What WEIRD Habits of Steve Have Made Viewers Disgusted?

Stevenson Johnston is a strong follower of MORMONISM. This has maybe brought some weird notions in his mind which cannot be understood by the viewers. He says that he wants Alina to remain a virgin before she gets baptized in the Mormon church. Meanwhile, he has not disclosed to Alina that he is not a virgin. This is something beyond the pale for the audience.

Furthermore, it seems that he keeps a check on every breath of Alina. His controlling behavior has irritated the viewers. Many fans have slammed him brutally for being this way. Moreover, people are questioning why the 20-year-old Alina is still in a relationship with him. One commented, “She’s blinded by the fact that he’s from somewhere else and therefore ‘exotic.”
One Reddit user said, “Steven is f WEIRD. I don’t understand what she sees in him.

In an episode of Season 3, he announced he wanted to fart and walked away. This is hell WEIRD and CREEPY! Does that need an announcement? Well, this strange behavior of Steve has brought all negative scores for him in viewers’ eyes.


steve alina

Adding more to Steve’s erratic behavior, The 90 Day Fiance personality, instead of saying the word ‘sex’ in front of Alina, called it ‘SKOODILYPOOP. To let the viewers know, Skoodilypoop was a term used by John Green in the Literature Crash Course. Nothing can be more ghostly to use a deep-rooted literature word just to address ‘sex’.

Moreover, according to Screenrant

, Steve has booked separate apartments before the two get married. This is to avoid having sex. Steve says if he lives with Alina under the same roof, he will lose his control. Fans look at Steve with a side-eye, and they are confused if it’s something hilarious or something pitiful.

Criticizing this abnormal attitude of Steve, one viewer commented, “The ‘I can’t control myself’ language is super creepy for me. You mean yo I can’t sleep under the same roof with a woman without sex? Yeah. That’s on you, Steven. And he’s so sure she’d be all over him. When she offered to lock the door… yikes,”

Well, this strange behavior of Steven Johnston seems to create a red flag for the couple to tie the knot. Do you think he makes sense in any way? Let us know in the comment section.


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