Stomach-churning footage shows girl having huge clumps of earwax flushed out of ears & it’ll leave you feeling queasy

EVER wondered what it’s like to have your ears flushed out after a build-up of wax?

One TikTok user decided to film the process as a girl had her ear canal cleaned out and share it online for her followers to see – with the stomach-churning clip guaranteed to leave you feeling queasy.


Stomach-churning footage saw huge clumps of ear wax being removed from a girl’s earsCredit: hearingspecialists/TikTok
A professional shared the irrigation process online, leaving viewers feeling sick


A professional shared the irrigation process online, leaving viewers feeling sickCredit: hearingspecialists/TikTok

One professional, known as @HearingSpecialists on the social media platform, was seen tackling an excessive build-up of wax, with huge clumps being removed at a time.

Using a specialised tool, they are able to tackle the inside of the ear and remove any build-up clogging up the ear canal using water pressure.

As the water flushes out the ear, wax continuously came out with it in large clumps and filtered out into a bowl underneath.

While some branded the video a “satisfying” watch, it’s fair to say most people were left a little grossed out by the entire process.

Hundreds commented on the video as it did the rounds on TikTok, with one person posting: “So gross, but I can’t stop watching.”

“Don’t watch whilst eating,” warned another, while a third posted: “I feel sick.”

One more grossed out viewer added: “How do scruff bags let it get this bad. I literally clean my ears everyday.”

Others were fascinated by just how much wax was removed as a result of the treatment, with one person teasing: “Damn, she can hear colours now.”

Not everyone was completely put off by the video, with one person sharing: “I really want this done,” and another insisting the process is worth it.

They posted: “I need to get this every few months… feels amazing after.”

One viewer quizzed: “Does it hurt?” with the professionals responding: “No can be a little uncomfortable, but not hurt.”

Safe ways to remove ear wax from your ears

According to Healthline, there are a number of ways to remove ear wax from your ears yourself if there is a significant build-up – it is advised that the safest way to remove wax is to visit your doctor or a professional

DIY wax removal methods:

  • Damp cloth – wipe the area with a warm, damp washcloth
  • Ear wax softeners – softeners in the forms of oils and saline can help to remove wax. Place recommended number of drops into the ear and rinse
  • Syringe – you can irrigate your ear using a syringe which allows you to gently rinse out the ear canal with a saline solution
Huge clumps of wax were seen being flushed out by water pressure in the viral video


Huge clumps of wax were seen being flushed out by water pressure in the viral videoCredit: hearingspecialists/TikTok

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