Stoned dog cases rising in the US

Cases of stoned dogs are surging in the United States.

A dog

Calls regarding pets eating cannabis-related products have risen to almost 4,000 now that the drug is legal in all but four US states.

Tina Wismer, from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said: “Edible marijuana products are often sweet and the taste can be appealing to dogs. They will seek it out and grab things off counters or tables. If you have marijuana or edibles, make sure they are kept in a secure area, like a locked cabinet.

“Dogs are more sensitive to the effects of marijuana toxicosis than humans, and any exposure should be avoided.”

California resident Dana Long revealed that his chihuahua terrier had munched on some cannabis-infused chocolate.

Long said: “Pot is just not something we do but the vet ran some tests and about 10 minutes later, she just said, ‘This dog is stoned.'”


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