Stramer gets ‘cancelled’ for a joke

On August 6, voice actor and streamer Khoi Dao shared an apology on Twitter after the internet tried to get him ‘cancelled’ for a joke he had made.

This apology comes after Khoi shared a thread explaining his joke. However, several people criticized the streamer which pushed him to delete his post. With over 189k followers on Twitter, Khoi is facing mixed reactions from his followers. If you are confused as to what happened, we have got all the details for you!

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What joke did Khoi Dao make?

On August 6, Khoi landed in hot waters for cracking a joke about his haircut. The streamer said: “I went from looking like a woman to looking like a lesbian.”

Several people on social media were upset by his comment and were quick to call him out for the same. Within seconds, some people jumped on the bandwagon of ‘cancel’ culture.

Some users tried to get him ‘cancelled’ while asking Khoi to apologize for his statements. At the same time, others started digging up his past videos and comments while trying to connect them to the recent events.

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Twitch streamer shares thread explaining what had happened

Following the backlash, Khoi shared a series of tweets in a thread and tried to explain the intentions behind his joke. He wrote: “The quip referenced my own experience as someone with some feminine features I sometimes get called a girl when I have long hair. I sometimes get called a lesbian when I have short hair. I’d just gotten a haircut at the time, so I alluded to this while chatting.”

He further explained: “I never wanna make anyone uncomfy. To those going so far as to call it harmful: no, I didn’t express a viewpoint negatively connotated or otherwise, about “what a lesbian should look like.”

His post further asked followers to not “cheapen what lesbophobia actually is by misconstruing” his words. In the same thread, Khoi also apologized to anyone he had offended.

A look at his apology

Shortly after sharing the thread, Khoi deleted it from his account. He addressed his followers by writing: “deleted the thread. it ended up not conveying what I wanted it to. at risk of causing my confusion, I just wanted to reiterate simply: of course I’m sorry to those whom the quip genuinely hurt.”

He further added: “Guys, I f**ked up. I hear you, I see you, I’ve thought about it and I want to say I’m really sorry to those that I’ve hurt with my comments. in trying to explain my intentions and perspective I missed the mark. I didn’t take the time to reflect and listen and let my defensiveness get the better of me. I promise I am going to do my best to learn from this and watch my words and intentions moving forward. to those of you who I hurt, I am genuinely sorry, and I hope you can forgive me.”

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