‘Strange looking’ black bird spooks park visitors as it ‘eerily perches on branch’

A rare ‘strange looking’ bird spooked visitors as it perched on a branch in London’s Alexandra Palace.

A photograph of the bird shows it very eerily perching on a branch sticking out of the water, appearing to be somewhat unamused with the attention it was getting by shocked and confused onlookers.

The photographer later posted the image on Twitter with the comment” “Went on pedalo Ali Pali this afternoon, very weird bird watching us”.

“I was there with my 4-year-old and we saw the same bird!” replied another social media user.

The bird was later identified by someone else replying to the post as a cormorant.

Visitors to Alexandra Palace were spooked by the strange bird

“Often seen with wings stretched out as they dry them. Have ominous reputation but I think they are great!” they reassured the worried witnesses.

The bird appeared to be a cormorant, which is a large aquatic birds that has the wingspan of up to one metre.

The birds live off fish and have a tendency to live in coastal areas, but on rare occasions they have been known to occupy inland lakes.

In Britain and Ireland, there are two types of cormorants – great cormorants and common shags.

Cormorants are not reported to be dangerous unlike the world’s deadliest bird – the cassowary.

In 2019, an owner of exotic pets in Florida was killed by his cassowary after he fell over in his back garden.

The cassowary was also one of the first ever birds to be raised by humans.

In a report by Kristina Douglass, an assistant professor at Penn State University in the United States, said that tell-tale signs in fossils from the cassowary bird suggest that humans had collected them at birth and then raised them to hatch.

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