Stranger saved a homeless & depressed woman from committing suicide

A homeless woman was on the verge of taking her own life when she was saved by a guardian angel who came out of nowhere. She had been fighting her battle with mental illness for quite some time and experienced suicidal tendencies. 

Life can surprise us in the most brilliant ways, and the same thing happened to a homeless woman in her thirties who thought she had no reason left to live. Julia Kebbel of Orlando, Florida, ended up running away from all her loved ones, only taking her dog along.

Julia shared that she stopped taking her medicine for bipolar disorder in November 2017 and escaped her home in January 2018. To fix her eating disorder, she even tried doing drugs and eventually reached a point where she thought nobody understood her.

Julia Kebbel ran away from home while dealing with her mental illness.

In February 2018, she started having major suicidal thoughts, which pushed her to the brink of death. She recalled hearing a “voice” that told her she was going to die, and there was no going back. Julia further explained:

“I sob and writhe in bed like an impotent garden snake fighting for its last breath.”

At first, she thought of abandoning her four-month-old puppy, Cindy Crawford, too. She hurried to the washroom and began looking for sleeping pills—a method she had used before to try ending her life. But after a while, she shoved the thoughts away and ran outside.

Julia had been overcome with motherly sentiments for her dog and couldn’t bear leaving her behind. She then held Cindy and left and kept wandering around for nearly 13 days. She was homeless, helpless, clueless, and afraid for her dog.

Arielle had also put out a call on her social media regarding the disappearance of her sister, asking people for their love and support. 

After running around desperately to find food, shelter, and support for Cindy and herself, Julia ran into an angelic woman, Sharon, who pulled her back from the deep and dark abyss of hell.

As it turned out later, Sharon worked for an organization called LAMP Village, a homeless resource center that helped uplift people in need. Sharon helped Julia reunite with her family, and in February 2019, Julia underwent treatment for her psychotic tendencies.

Since then, Julia started taking her medicines regularly and stayed in touch with her loved ones. Ultimately, she stopped hearing the evil and overpowering “voice” in her head, and things began to change for the better.

Julia is the sister of Arielle Kebbel, who has starred in the popular show “The Vampire Diaries.” Arielle had also put out a call on her social media regarding the disappearance of her sister, asking people for their love and support.

Julia was found after two weeks of going missing with her dog Cindy in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. While recalling the harrowing experience, she couldn’t help expressing gratitude to everyone who played a part in her rescue.

Julia then singled out the strangers who became her angels. “Especially Rhonda, Sharon, and Vera, as well as Dr. Z, the doctors at UCLA and Balance Treatment Center, and every therapist I had at Balance, especially Liz. Thank you,” she penned.

Arielle also shared the good news of her sister and her dog finally making it back home in mid-February. She said:

“It is with great joy and relief that I share the wonderful news that my sister, Julia, and her dog, Cindy, have been found safe.”

Arielle also thanked the police officials and rescue teams for helping her find Julia.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. Other international suicide helplines can be found at


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