‘Strict moral code’ article to haunt Nadia Bartel after video scandal

A story posted just one day before Nadia Bartel’s now-infamous snorting video was leaked, makes for very interesting reading two weeks later.

It’s been almost two weeks since the infamous video of Nadia Bartel snorting a white powder emerged on social media.

And just one day before the scandal broke, Nine papers’ Domain section published a gushing article on the popular influencer’s rise to fame.

The story titled ‘Nadia Bartel: Breath of Fresh Air’ drips with unintentional irony, mentioning Nadia’s “strict moral code” and quoting her talking about her spiritual development and how she has been “evolving and getting wiser”.

“In the last few years, I have done a lot of work on my spiritual self,” she tells the publication. “I went to see a breath work teacher and it was amazing.”

Nadia had gone through a challenging (and sudden) split from husband and AFL star Jimmy Bartel in 2019 but despite this, 2020 had ended with incredible personal success for the mother-of-two.

Nadia was one of Australia’s most successful influencers with countless sponsorship deals, while her own business, fashion label Henne, had become 2020’s must-have brand.

In the Domain story, she goes on to talk about aligning herself with brands she only trusts and believes in, adding if she doesn’t use it or wear it, she won’t promote it.

“I have slowly built my online audience over the last 10 years. It’s been organic and I never speak down to them,” she said.

However, following the white powder video – which was first published accidentally on the Instagram account of Nadia’s business partner Ellie Pearson – she immediately lost two major brand deals, while others appear to be quietly distancing themselves.

“We, like many of you, are shocked and disappointed by the recent actions of an individual who has endorsed our products,” JSHealth Vitamins said in a statement, adding: “Please know we have taken immediate action and will no longer be working with this individual – or anyone who does not align with our values.”

The mum-of-two was quick to issue a grovelling apology on Instagram after the video emerged, stating she was “embarrassed” by her actions, which were in stark contrast to her squeaky clean image.

The footage was public for 10 minutes before it was taken down – but the damage had already been done.

As well as showing Nadia snorting an unidentified white powder, the small gathering also showed the former WAG breaching Victoria’s public health order.

In the three second clip, she can be seen “snorting” a white substance from a grey plate, said to be a $3 design from budget superstore Kmart.

The 36-year-old was one of four women fined for attending the small gathering on September 2.

Victoria Police Commissioner Shane Patton said there would be no criminal charges over the white powder she was filmed snorting.

“We have been unable to determine what the substance on the plate was,” he told ABC Radio last Thursday.

In the Domain story, which was published just one day before the scandal broke, Nadia told the publication she has “definitely changed a lot in the last few years”.

“I am probably a totally different person – evolving and getting wiser.”

Following those haunting words, the businesswoman has been keeping a low profile and hasn’t posted on Instagram since releasing her apology over the video.

However, she was spotted outside her home during lockdown, returning from what appeared to be her Covid vaccine on Friday.


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