Strictly’s Adam Peaty’s girlfriend reacts after his ‘almost kiss’ with partner Katya Jones

Strictly Come Dancing’s Adam Peaty’s girlfriend has addressed those “kissing” worries following last night’s live show.

Strictly viewers were left with some interesting questions after Adam and partner Katya’s steamy performance.

Champion swimmer Adam, 26, and professional dancer Katya Jones, 32, “almost kissed” at the end of their Argentine Tango routine last night, with fans going wild over the pairs chemistry.

Adam then stared deeply into his dance partner’s eyes before the pair shared a hug and went to the judges for their feedback.

Girlfriend Eiri Munro has already broke her silence taking to TikTok to film her reaction, reports the Express.

Eiri shared the clip with her 31,000 followers with the caption: “Watching your boyfriend almost kiss another woman live on tv”.

The 23-year-old pretended to cry, whipping her head back and worth by “screaming” the words:“Finding out 10 million people also watched it live”, were written across the clip.

However, viewers believed that the dancing duo “almost kissed” in the intense moment.

Twitter user Carol Thomson claimed: “Oh dear… I’ve rewound to watch that cringe moment where Katya had to stop Adam from kissing her on #Strictly.”

“What the f**k was that with Adam and Katya?!” Sam queried.

aimsmarie_ claimed: “Not adam and katya nearly kissing on live TV when this man has a girlfriend at home #Strictly.”(Sic)

Robina Framelli added: “I mean I would have kissed Katya after that #Strictly.”

While Mel commented: “Did Adam and Katya almost kiss at the end of their dance?!! @bbcstrictly #Strictly #Strictly2021 #Adam #Kayta.”

Strictly Adam
Strictly fans are convinced Adam Peaty and Katya Jones almost kissed during Saturday night’s show

Michelle Pryde also claimed: “Adam and Katya [eyes emoji] swear he nearly went in for a full on kiss there and realised where he was #Strictly.”

Twitter user Dan questioned: “Katya and Adam…wow … I genuinely thought they were gonna snog… did he say ‘love you’ to her… felt a little… intense for me! #Strictly.”

However, other Strictly viewers hit back at the claims and praised Adam and Katya for their chemistry, which improved their performance.

Indecisive_F argued: “With Adam and Katya i’d be more worried if there wasn’t chemistry anymore. That is when you know they have really done something. #Strictly #Strictly2021.”

Laura Barr added: “For all those having a go at adam and katya give it a rest its a very passionate dance and they performed it brilliantly tonight #Strictly.”(Sic)

Viewer Roy Nudds commented: “For what it’s worth, it looks to me like Adam and Katya are still in character mode until after she has run her hand (fingers outstretched and not gripping) over his head and then they snap out of it. People are too quick to criticise and make mischief. Just saying.”

xhorsechestnutx tweeted: “It’s a good thing when the celebrity gets into the spirit of the dance so much. You’re super focused and in the moment. Leave Adam and Katya alone, imo #strictly.”(Sic)

Shane agreed: “I honestly think Adam and Katya are too committed to doing well in the competition for romance xx.”

Adam and Katya’s chemistry was also noted by Strictly host Tess Daly, who made a cheeky remark before the judges gave their feedback to the pair.

“I’ll tell you what,” Tess began. “I don’t get out much but I had a lovely time!”

Strictly Come Dancing: The Results airs Sunday at 7:10pm on BBC One.

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