Struggling to get your kids to calm down? Mum shares genius parenting hack that will guarantee them to be quiet

ARE YOU struggling to get your kids to listen and be quiet when you ask them to?

Feel like you’ve tried everything but nothing works?


One mum has shared her simple hack for getting her kids quietCredit: TikTok / mumlifewitherin

Well, one millennial mum from London has shared her genius parenting hack that guarantees silence in her house and you are going to want to give this a go.

TikTok user Erin Rose regularly posts videos of all things related to motherhood to her account ‘mumlifewitherin’.

The mum-of-two uploaded a video sharing her simple hack that gets her children to be quiet, with the caption ‘How to get 30 seconds of guaranteed silence in my house’.

She said: “Silence in the courtroom, silence in the street, the biggest fool in London is just about to speak.

“Speak fool, speak.”

In the video we can hear Erin’s children talking as she is speaking, but as soon as she finishes speaking and encourages them to speak, the children instantly go quiet.

What child wants to be called a fool?!

Erin describes the silence as “bliss”.

The silence lasts but when one of her children starts to speak she quickly shouts “fool!”.

That’s certain to put a child off talking!


Clearly her hack has impressed numerous people as it has racked up over 142.6k views.

It has 21.4k likes, 84 comments and 91 shares.

Many have praised Erin’s mum hack as “genius” and have commented that they will try it on their own children.

One person said: “I’m not even a mum but this is genius!”

Another added: “I need to remember this for when my one year old starts talking.”

A third commented: “I’m sorry whaaaaat. Life hack.”

Erin describes the silence as 'bliss'


Erin describes the silence as ‘bliss’Credit: TikTok / mumlifewitherin

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