Student asks to extend deadline because of astrological ‘Mercury Retrograde’

At some point in our lives we have all been overwhelmed by deadlines, whether that be a mountain of paperwork building up on our desk or coursework hand-ins hanging over our head.

Trying to get out of deadlines isn’t so simple like it was in school, unfortunately we cannot blame our ‘dog’ for eating our homework anymore.

However, this one student tried her luck by attempting to get an extension on her deadline due the astrological phenomenon ‘Mercury Retrograde.’

After emailing the teaching assistant and professor with her rather unusual excuse, the TA took to Twitter under the username @SaeedDiCaprio to share “the best email they have ever gotten”.

Sarah asked in the email whether “astrology would be a reasonable ground” for her extension as she had been “finding it very hard to get work done due the Mercury Retrograde.”

The student tried her luck with the space themed excuse

The teaching assistant asked the professor if Sarah could extend her deadline on these grounds.

Unfortunately for Sarah, the TA provided a rather Mercury Retrograde answer: “He said no but I would’ve given it to her for sure because I get it.”

In light of Sarah’s deadline troubles, we spoke to mystic and astrologist Inbaal Honigman to find out what Mercury Retrograde really is and how it can affect your life.

Inbaal told Daily Star: “As we observe the planets from our base here on Earth, there are periods when the planet Mercury appears to be going backwards in the sky.

“Of course, all the planets move forwards – each one is in its own route around the sun, but if we look at each planet from Earth and not the Sun, the retrograde effect would be observed, about 3-4 times a year, for about 3 weeks at a time.”

Mercury Retrograde is often believed to cause a bit of trouble

Although Mercury is far away, it is believed that it can have an affect on our lives.

The astrologist continued: “In astrology, we believe that this causes breakdowns in communication, for example letters going to the wrong recipients, emails lost without a trace, passwords inexplicably forgotten, and words taken out of context.”

“Communication errors can also result in secrets coming to light, and lost items suddenly discovered.”

However, fear not, Inbaal provided some reassurance: “People fear the Mercury Retrograde period because the disruption is often unexpected – but always remember, it will be over soon!”

For the last time this year, Mercury will go into retrograde on the September 27 until October 18.

Maybe Sarah does have a valid point after all!

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