Student gets intimate tattoo of boyfriend’s initials – but is dumped weeks later

A loved-up teen got her boyfriend’s initials tattooed onto her – only for him to dump her weeks later.

Megan Carey was smitten with her partner of around eight months when the topic of matching inkings arose.

She claims her ex agreed to include her name in his sleeve tattoo, so she decided to get her own tribute to him done.

Thinking they’d be together forever, the 19-year-old got a love heart design with the letter J on her bikini line.

But two weeks later, she claims she woke up to a break-up text out of the blue after the pair had started arguing again.

The accountancy student, from Wigan, Greater Manchester, is now warning other young girls to never get their partners’ names inked onto themselves.

Smitten Megan Carey got a tribute tattoo to her boyfriend – only to be dumped

After getting together with her ex in November 2020, Megan experienced some hurdles in the relationship.

Clashing schedules due to part time jobs over the summer break from university meant they didn’t spend much time together and argued a lot.

The student explained: “The first few months we went through the honeymoon phase as most relationships do but after a bit we started to clash and argue a lot.

“I got a part time job as a waitress over summer and it all went down[hill] from there – we saw each other a lot less because he was working in the day and I was working at the night.”

The pair split up for a three week break before getting back together.

Megan Carey
Megan got a delicate inking on her bikini line, which incorporates the letter J

After reconciling in early July and being together for another month, Megan started thinking about getting matching tattoos done.

She said: “When I messaged the tattoo artist to book in he sent laughing faces back to me and when I went to get it done he was taking the mick saying ‘what are you doing’.

“He said he’d do it small enough to be covered easily – that should have been a red flag. He didn’t charge me for it in the end because it was so small.

“My ex’s reaction wasn’t what I expected – he was really calm and didn’t seem that bothered and then we never spoke about it again. I thought maybe it was just the shock.

“My friends thought I was an absolute idiot for getting it and said not to, I should’ve listened.”

Megan Carey
Megan hoped her ex would get a matching tattoo on his arm sleeve

Megan said: “The relationship was up and down from the beginning but after a break and getting back together I was pretty confident in the relationship.

“He was a bit older than me, 21, so I thought it was a more serious relationship.

“He was planning on having a sleeve tattoo done and I’d mentioned working my name into it and said I’d get one for him as well.

“He was all up for it and said it would make him really happy so I got it done.

“But we started arguing and a few weeks later he went on a night out and I woke up at five o’clock in the morning to a text message of him breaking up with me.”

Megan Carey
Megan warned others not to make the same mistake

Megan added: “I thought he would be messaging to let me know he was home but it actually said ‘I’m sorry Megan but we’re done, the arguing is draining’.

“It came as a total shock. All I could do was laugh about the tattoo because otherwise I’d cry.”

The teen plans to get the tattoo removed in the near future.

She said: “Just knowing that I’ve still got his initial tattooed on me is the worst part. I regret getting it done 100%.

“I’m either going to get it covered up or lasered off, I haven’t decided yet.

“To anyone thinking of getting a partner’s initial tattooed I would say don’t even bother, it’s a waste of time and not worth it.”

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