Student given note by pub regular before going to uni – but some call gesture ‘creepy’

A woman was chuffed when a pub regular handed her a gift.

Libby, from the Midlands, received a letter and some cash from a customer after telling them she was heading off to university.

The heartwarming message reads: “Libby – have a great time at university and have a couple of drinks on me. PS. Good luck.”

Libby admitted the moment had made her a bit emotional, sharing a picture of it on Twitter with crying emojis.

She added: “A regular in the pub I work at has given me this on my last shift.”

The student’s post garnered more than 50,600 likes and dozens of comments on Twitter.

One commenter said: “Great gesture and something my dad and his mates who are regulars at a local pub would do as they appreciate good staff.

“If you treat people well, nice things can happen.”

Another said: “Some people don’t realise that pub regulars are like family.”

A third wrote: “That’s is so kind. His writing reminds me of my dear old dads.”

And a fourth added: “That’s so cute! Good lucky at uni.

Many praised the pub regular for the thoughtful gesture
(Image: AFP via Getty Images)

While many were moved by Libby’s story, others thought the gesture was “a bit creepy”.

One commenter said: “I get that the guy is tryna do something nice here, but it can’t just be me who thinks that a bit creepy.”

Many disagreed with this stance though.

A responder hit back: “Horrible attitude which really saddens me to see.

“I hope others don’t think like you. A nice gesture and a kind note is somehow ‘creepy’.

“That says far more about you than the author. I really think you need some more kindness in your life if you’ve taken that view.”

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