Student house branded ‘human rights violation’ and people can’t believe rent

A group of students have made fun of their “slum landlord” accommodation in a hilarious video.

In the clip, posted on Monday (October 11) TikTok user @xx_watdoginator_xx makes an ironic video tour of “things in my uni house that just make sense”.

They start off with “the cave”, a creepy windowless room with unfinished walls that is lacking any furniture except a chair.

Next, they display “the garden” which is a dark and dingy alleyway full of cobwebs, a precarious ladder, and wire netting.

The “cave shower” features the same rough walls except, this time, there is the addition of dark stains.

The students seem to have got a raw deal

A peephole in the door to the toilet feels a bit unnecessary, but the bird’s nest one of the lads has in his bedroom window is a nice touch.

Unsurprisingly, the video was watched more than one million times and amassed 116,000 likes and thousands of comments as people tried to work out how much it was worth in rent.

One user said: “Tbh [to be honest] I’d rent this. It’s so bad it’s hilarious.”

“Human rights violations left, right, and centre,” joked a second viewer.

The so-called garden was dismal
The so-called garden was dismal

Someone else commented: “Student houses are some of the most derelict buildings ever. To any students going into a shared house, bring layers – it’ll be cold.”

“I feel harassed, alarmed, and distressed and I don’t even live there,” quipped another.

Some people even suggested they were the victims of a “slum landlord” and should inform the council or check the property had a valid HMO [house of multiple occupation] license.

One concerned viewer wrote: “As someone who worked as an environmental health officer, you should contact your local council.

“There are so many enforceable hazards in that property.”

According to the TikToker, he and his mates pay £130 a week each to live in the strange house.

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