Students concoct sneaky plan to ‘fix’ damaged carpet – but end up with £3k bill

Having to deal with landlords can be difficult at times.

From having to pester them for repairs to claiming back deposits.

However, one woman had a real nightmare when she and her housemates caused damage to the carpet.

With all hopes of claiming back the full deposit shattered, the student tenants had the bright idea of cutting out the damaged piece of carpet and replacing it with a fresh piece.

After posting her attempt to cover up the damage of the carpet in a previous TikTok, the woman provided an update to share if her devious plan worked out.

Unfortunately for the student, she was not victorious in her sneaky plan.

The woman and her friends attempted to hide the damage

The landlord found out about the failed attempt to replace the carpet and served the students a pricey invoice.

Posting under the username, @nikaafs , the woman shared her attempt of replacing the carpet along with some screenshots of the very expensive invoice.

She added text to the video that said: “Remember when we fixed the carpet to save our deposit?”

In the video, the woman can be seen laughing in front of a video of her cutting out a small hole in the carpet and gluing a new piece of carpet.

The dreaded email sent to the students

Alongside a line of laughing emojis, the woman added, “they found out.”

In a series of screenshots, the woman shared the email and invoice she had received from her landlord.

Having failed to hide the cut out patch of carpet, the landlord emailed the students about the failed attempt.

Even worse, it cost the students a whopping £3315.78.

Instead of receiving the full £3600 deposit back, the woman and her housemates were left with a measly £284.22 after having to fork out for the full carpet replacement.

screenshot of invoice
The students were met with a hefty fee

Cheekily, the landlord even charged the woman £17.50 for parking.

The video has resonated with a lot of other renters having racked up 2.1 million views and 95,000 likes.

People fled to the comments to urge the woman and her student housemates to fight the proposed fees from her landlord.

One person said: “Their fault for putting carpet in front of a cooker…the health and safety hazards.”

Someone else said: “WHY is there carpet in front of the oven?! It’s like they want this to happen.”

Meanwhile, another user added: “Please tell me you didn’t accept that?! They can’t make you pay for a brand new carpet if it wasn’t new when you moved in.”

However, some people were shocked as to why people were defending the students for the damage they caused.

Another user commented: “It’s amazing how so many people saying the landlord is wrong. They cut a patch in a rug and tried covering it up they know what they did was wrong.”

Someone else added: “ I’m confused as to why so many people seem to think it’s ok to damage a carpet and not pay for a new one.”

Whilst a third user joked: “Sorry to ask this but are you based in London?”

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