Stupid or genius? Driver performs ‘150-point turn’ instead of reversing out of parking – Watch Viral Video

Have you ever been stuck in a tricky parking spot? A driver in New Zealand made her life more difficult when she tried to get her car out of a parking space at a shopping center – by turning her car around instead of just putting the reverse gear to get it out.

The driver was captured on camera taking four minutes to exit the parking space by turning around using forward and reverse gears instead of simply backing out in reverse gear and driving off.

The video was shot by Mark Barnes, who was getting a milkshake with his son at Five Mile Shopping Centre in Queenstown, New Zealand, on July 27 when he spotted the “genius” driver.

The woman’s painful attempt to initially reverse the car as she scraped against the trolley bay next to her parking space. However, instead of straightening her vehicle, the driver decided to do a never-ending series of mini turns to turn her car around completely.

Watch the viral video here:

After four minutes of careful turns, the woman managed to drive off without hitting the trolley bay or the black car parked just two spaces over.

Mark, who works in security, was quoted as saying by Daily Mail, “I was thinking ‘I can’t believe what I’m watching. It reminded me of the Austin Powers scene where he gets stuck turning in the hallway.”

He said, “We were getting a shake, and I noticed a lady trying to get out of a parking space. She had already made five attempts to get out. So I started filming cause I couldn’t believe what she was doing. When she was trying to reverse out, she kept getting closer and closer to the shopping cart barrier.”

He added, “There was one free space next to her and then the black truck. But, overall, she did a great job getting out the way she did.”

The video has gone viral across social media platforms, racking up more than 2 lakh views. Netizens could not decide whether the driver was incompetent or genius.

One user said, “Actually, besides being totally illogical, it was quite an impressive effort.” Another wrote, “Deserves two medals, one for being a more*n, and the other for being a genius actually pulling it off.”

A third user commented, “I’ve never seen so much and so little skill at the same time.” Yet another joked, “I’ve been reversing out of car parks wrong all this time. I need to do a 150 point turn.”

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