‘Stupid’ people buy crab from fishmongers to ‘give it best life’ in sea

People were branded ‘stupid’ after buying a live crab from fishmongers and taking it to the coast to “give it best life”.

They took the crab onto a train after “rescuing” it – but many had concerns about its wellbeing.

On Reddit, a user shared a picture of the cute crustacean with the caption “Hope”.

The original post explained, “Some guys from the Liverpool St. to Southend train have bought a crab from a fishmonger and they are taking it back to the sea to live its best life.”

Despite being determined for the sea creature to survive, the “rescuers” didn’t think through their mission.

The post continued: “The only problem is that they keep having to take it to the toilet every few minutes to get it wet.”

What a train journey that must have been!

Tap water can prove dangerous to crabs, which means the wannabe heroes could be doing the fishy stowaway more harm than good.

The original poster named the crustacean ‘Hope’ on behalf of the rescue team.

They ended the post by questioning the fate of the hopeful crab “Will this tale have a happy ending? Can you even keep a crab alive with sporadic sprinklings of water? Let’s hope so.”

However, the rescuers most likely didn’t think through their plan as they have been branded “stupid” by dozens of Reddit users.

crab being put into sea
We really hope that the crab made it safely

One user offered what they believed to be a very realistic outcome for Hope: “The crab will most likely survive the journey. Unfortunately its claws will probably have been ‘nicked’: a process to immobilise the top pincer of each claw.

“Survival in the wild will be pretty tough, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.”

Another user commented: “Arguably more distressing for the crab to be crawling around on a train floor for an hour or so while occasionally being splashed with tap water.

“Why are people so stupid?”

While a third user expressed their concern for the crabs’ new surroundings.

They wrote: “Unfortunately while it sounds nice on the surface this kind of thing can cause serious harm to the environment as they are potentially releasing an invasive species into the wild.”

We hope the crab made it to the sea OK.

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