Stylist reveals how to give your bedroom a luxe upgrade for FREE in minutes

A WOMAN has shared her top tips for giving the place where you sleep an instant design boost – not a screwed-up duvet in sight.

Liz Amaya demonstrated that adopting some easy daily and weekly habits when tidying your bed can make all the difference, including tucking in your duvet and piling cushions high.


A woman has revealed her top tips for instantly upgrading your bedroomCredit: Instagram/

In a post on Instagram, the Australian home stylist showed followers exactly what she does to ensure that it’s the perfect spot to nod off in each night.

First, she explains in the video how she washes her sheets weekly, and also vacuums the mattress at the same time to get rid of dust mites and any “debris”.

Then, each morning, she tucks the duvet corners under the mattress at the bottom, “like a hotel”.

She also layers up to six cushions on top for “added texture” and a “luxe” finish.

Looks super comfy and cosy!

Instagram user

While most of Liz’s tips don’t cost anything – just a little time in the mornings – she does recommend those who can invest in a mattress topper.

Her post has been viewed more than 32,000 times, and received over 1,400 ‘likes’.

One person wrote: “Wow thanks for the tips.”

Another commented: “Looks super comfy and cosy!”


A third shared: “Amazing tips as always Liz.”

And a fourth added: “So gorgeous.”

Liz Amaya recommends swapping the sheets weekly


Liz Amaya recommends swapping the sheets weeklyCredit: Instagram/
The home stylist also advises tucking the corners in


The home stylist also advises tucking the corners inCredit: Instagram/
She finishes off by piling the cushions high


She finishes off by piling the cushions highCredit: Instagram/

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