Stylist shows dangers of box dye as woman’s hair falls out during strand test

A hairdresser went viral after warning about the dangers of using shop-bought box due at home, after showing the damage it had done to a client trying to change her colour

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Hair colourist reveals clients frazzled hair during strand test

Hands up if you’ve ever experienced a hair disaster?

In some ways, it’s a rite of passage – with many of us guilty of cutting in a wonky fringe or turning to desperate measures in order to achieve a certain look

During lockdown, many of us found ourselves sporting a dodgy look as hairdressers remained closed for months.

Thankfully, salons and barbers are now open once again for all your hair needs – meaning there’s thankfully an expert on hand if a DIY job goes wrong.

One hairdresser went viral after showing the impact that using a box dye at home can have, as he revealed the huge damage to a client’s locks after carrying out a strand test.

The video went viral



Thankfully the client was happy with the end result



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Although they may feel pointless, strand tests are extremely important, to ensure no harm occurs to you or your hair – and rules out an allergic reaction.

Stylist Matthew, who posts at Matthewwhair, said the client had dyed her hair black using box dye after previously going blonde.

He applied dye to a strand of her hair to see how it reacted, and it didn’t go well, with her locks frizzing up, and a lump of hair falling out.

He captioned the video, which was viewed 8.9 million times, with: “Black box dye after going blonde.”

In a follow-up video, he explained why he didn’t like box dye, as he explained that it contains high amounts of ammonia which can cause unnecessary damage.

The stylist also claimed that the metallic salts and dyes can cause chemical reactions when bleaching, or mean that professional dye won’t apply evenly.

And he warned that the harsh chemicals can irritate the scalp, causing reactions to sensitive skin.

He defended himself after viewers complained he’d used too much hair for the strand test, as he explained: “This was the second strand test for viewing purposes.

“It showed her that her hair was breaking and orange and she went ahead with the service.”

People were left horrified, with one commenting: “You guys are commenting ‘THAT’S SUCH A BIG STRAND TO TEST ON’ now imagine if she did it to her whole head without knowing that would happen.”

The client herself seemed very happy with the service, as she commented on the video to praise her stylist.

Jannelle said: “Hi, I’m the client! This was the day of my appointment, I went ahead with the service, chopped off some inches and went orange! He did amazing!”

She added: “It only broke near the ends which was the part I was going to cut off anyway.”

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