Subscribers Demand 4th Movie & Better End Game

Kissing Booth 3 is finally here and those who have seen it are demanding a fourth movie. Unfortunately, this demand isn’t because fans are just so in love with the movie they don’t want to let it go. Subscribers are demanding a fourth installment because Kissing Booth 3 leaves a lot to be desired. Likewise, subscribers agree it doesn’t offer the end game viewers both want and deserve.

As we previously reported, Kissing Booth 3 is definitely a Netflix Original to skip. This is true even for people who saw and liked both the first and second installments.

Streaming giant promotes the new movie, subscribers are furious

Netflix has been heavily promoting the release of Kissing Booth 3 today. They have several posts on Instagram about Kissing Booth 3. Several members of the cast have also done their part to promote the movie on social media as well. Unfortunately, the social media posts are not being met with positive reactions. Fans were quick to rush in and watch the movie after it dropped. They, however, were NOT happy with what they saw.

As we previously reported, Noah and Elle did NOT get the end game fans wanted. The movie ended with this couple no longer being together. In fact, they broke up a little more than halfway through the movie. Rachel breaking things off with Lee after Noah broke up with Elle just seemed to make things worse. Sure, fas were happy Lee and Rachel got their happy ending… But, the whole movie trilogy was about the forbidden love of Noah and Elle.

Kissing Booth 3

So, Kissing Booth 3 ending with Noah and Elle not being together… Well, it was a slap in the face. If anything, the movie slapped fans in the face twice when they fast-forwarded six years just to reaffirm Elle and Noah were still not together.

Subscribers demand Kissing Booth 4, want a real end game

Netflix subscribers believed Noah and Elle deserved better. Likewise, fans also believed THEY deserved better after sticking with the movie trilogy. Fans wasted no time harassing Netflix on Instagram as they demanded a Kissing Booth 4 and a better ending to this devastating trainwreck.

  • “Why did they not end up together man!”
  • “I watched it and I’m disappointed ELLE AND NOAH WHERE END GAME”
  • “So are you gonna leave us with THAT END!?”
  • “We deserve Kissing Booth 4 beacaue we all need Noah and Elle to be back in each others arm”

Unfortunately, we know Netflix does NOT have plans for a fourth installment as Kissing Booth 3 was the final movie. But, subscribers seem to agree they deserved a better ending. Did you watch Kissing Booth 3? Did you love or hate the ending? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Kissing Booth 3

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