Succession Season 3: Release date, Cast, Plot and What to Expect


Well known for its scornful taste in humor and the brilliance of the entire production unit, ‘Succession’ premiered on HBO in 2018 and has ever since received many awards and nominations, including the Golden Globe and Emmy Awards for drama series.

The series follows the events of the dysfunctional family members of Waystar Royco, where Logan Roy, who sits at the top of the hierarchy, is weakened due to his health. This leaves an open position for a grand succession of the media and hospitality company, as the title suggests, leaving the four children vying for the throne.

The two seasons revolve around the antics pulled by their father, Logan Roy, after deeming his children unworthy of succession, with each of them pulling out their arsenal of strategies to take him down.

Succession 3

Succession Season 3: Release date

Back in 2020, HBO released a list of lineups that it had planned through 2022, out of which ‘Succession’ season 3 claimed a spot. So it can be expected that the new season will most likely feature in 2022. However, one cannot rule out the possibility of the release released by the end of this year.

Succession Season 3: Cast and Plot

The usual lineup can be expected to return with much more poise and substance to provide to the show despite no official announcement on who will return and who might not. But there are also reports on new cast members, namely, Sanaa Lathan, Linda Emond, and Jihae Join to have joined the ‘Succession’ team.

Logan Roy was put in a very precarious position at the end of season 3 after his ambitious son, Kendall, took things to the next level with his ploy and politics that’s likely to cause insurmountable tension to arise within the family and the organization itself.


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