Succession’s Kieran Culkin awkward interview as Lorraine Kelly brands character awful

Lorraine Kelly was called out for berating Succession star Kieran Culkin as she branded his character “awful” on her show.

Kieran Culkin is known for playing character Roman Roy, the rich son of media mogul Logan Roy, and joined Lorraine Kelly on her ITV series but was less than impressed with her remark about his character.

The actor was quick to retaliate as he admitted he couldn’t look at Roman in a bad way as he tries to connect with the spoiled youngest son of Brian Cox ‘s character Logan Roy.

Lorraine jokes that Kieran Culkin ‘horrible’ in interview

Lorraine began: “Now look, if you haven’t seen Succession, the third series is on Now, if you’re very quick you could watch one and two and catch up with three. Thank you for this.”

“Could you do that in one day?” Kieran asked. “No?”

Lorraine laughed: “No, you’d have to go back in time but it would be alright because you could do it this week and then catch up with series three right?

“I just love it so much, everybody’s horrid. You’re awful!”

“Oh thank you, thanks, that’s so nice to hear,” Kieran hit back.

“Thanks for brining me on your show and then berating me, this is a really nice morning I’m having.”

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Lorraine giggled: “He’s the most awful person though isn’t he?”

“Yeah I suppose they all are but I can’t look at it that way,” Kieran explained.

“I don’t think he would see himself that way.”

Lorraine added: “They’re all a very odd family There’s fantastic Brian Cox at the head of it and he is so mean and so twisted.”

Kieran’s appearance on Lorraine came after his co-star James Cromwell, 81, who stars as Logan’s brother Ewan Roy shared secrets of his role.

James explained he wanted his character to take a stand against the corrupt Roy family.

His character was also rewritten to reflect his own politics ahead of accepting the role.

Lorraine jokes that Kieran Culkin 'horrible' in interview
Lorraine jokes that Kieran Culkin ‘horrible’ in interview

“I was the brother who got shafted … and got probably millions of dollars, but a lot less than his brother got,” he detailed to the Guardian.

“He was a spoiled curmudgeon filled with anger and bitterness and jealousy over his brother’s success; he was going to come down [from Canada], behave like a jerk, and leave.”

But James pointed out this didn’t really align with who Ewan was and writer Jesse Armstrong agreed.

“You can’t have him turn around and say, ‘I stand for something [but] if you give me a million dollars, maybe I’ll think about it,’” James remarked.

“You can’t do that, and Jesse agreed with me.”

Season three will pick up after Logan’s son Kendall (Jeremy Strong) threw his father under the bus over the Waystar/RoyCo Cruise scandal.

Fans will see the family go to war as Logan’s children pick sides and battle to take control of the media company.

Lorraine airs weekdays on ITV at 9am.


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