‘Suicide Squad’ Joel Kinnaman Takes Legal Action After Alleged Extortion

Joel Kinnaman should be celebrating a big win with the release of  The Suicide Squad but no such luck for Rick Flagg. The actor is instead down at his local precinct filing a restraining order on a love interest gone wrong. Kinnaman claims a woman who he hooked up with back in 2018 is now claiming the sex they had was non-consensual. Gabriella Magnusson, who Kinnaman claims was an aspiring model and actress when he met her has been threatening and extorting him for some time now. The two had a “brief romantic relationship” and now she is allegedly “using harassment, threats of physical violence by herself and others, and threats to disseminate false information to extort money” from the actor.

Here Is How It Went Down


The 41-year-old shared that the relationship began to break down in December of 2018 when they hooked up and she was not allowed to stay over. She was further bothered when Kinnaman allegedly did not call her to make sure she returned home safe. Soon after that situation took place it seems like the actor had no plans on meeting up with her again. Kinnaman said he received explicit videos from Magnusson in 2019 and 2020 well after that last hook-up. When the actor did not respond and went on to block her, according to Kinnaman, she started trying to contact him using other people’s phones and becoming increasingly confrontational

Aggressive Threats

joel kinnaman

In the documents filed by Kinnaman, Magnusson allegedly threatened the actor on several occasions. One of the threats was that she would claim that Kinnaman forced her to have sex against her will if he does not provide her with financial support. He claims that as recently as last month he tried to resolve the problem with Magnusson. His manager met with her and her brother who carried a rifle. During that meeting, Magnusson allegedly admitted that the sex was not against her will, and her claims were essentially based on hurt feelings and the fact that she felt rushed during sex. Claiming that she didn’t even get to take her shoes off and being asked to leave after intercourse was her limit.

‘Member Of The Crips’

Magnusson also made claims that she was apart of the Crip gang and threatened to have members of the well-known street gang hurt the Altered Carbon actor. She also claimed to know singer Chris Brown and basketball player LeBron James among other high-profile celebrities and went as far as to tell Kinnaman that they were all “upset” with him and wanted to do harm to him. “They will f*** your life, Joel … everyone will come after you in L.A. … he will f*** your life so you will not be able to film anymore, Joel.”

Her Other Demands

Kinnaman also listed some of Magnusson’s demands in the restraining order; an apartment for at least 1 year, a work visa, a Wikipedia page, a verified Instagram account, a hook-up with a Hollywood agent, and of course, money in exchange for her staying silent. Kinnaman is currently in a relationship with model Kelly Gale. The two were spotted by The Daily Mail shortly after news broke about this insane experience. The Robocop actor and Gale were lovey-dovey and couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Hopefully, the actor is unbothered by all this noise.

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