‘Super Fan’ Jennifer Aniston Got To Read ‘Morning Show’ Lines With An Equally Beloved Celeb At Surprise Set Visit

It’s hard to imagine someone with as much fame and Hollywood experience as Jennifer Aniston can still get starstruck. Yet, based on the Friends star’s recent Instagram post, such a thing can happen. On Friday, Aniston couldn’t stop raving about one of her all-time favorite bands. 

Jennifer Aniston’s Mind Blown By Her Favorite Band 

On Friday, Jennifer Aniston couldn’t stop obsessing over the Foo Fighters, who paid a visit to The Morning Show set. To commemorate the event, the actress made sure to include pictures and videos on her Instagram account, much to her fan’s delight. “This super fan will never forget this day!!” Aniston wrote in her caption before adding, “Mind officially BLOWN.” Aniston was starstruck and wasn’t afraid to admit it. 

The photos Aniston shared with her millions of Instagram followers include a shot of her hugging the band’s frontman Dave Grohl. Grohl was also featured in a picture of him and Aniston reading scripts together on the set of The Morning Show. Aniston didn’t forget about the rest of the band and posted a shot of her standing with Nate Medel, Pat Smear, Rami Jaffee, Taylor Hawkins, Chris Shiflett, and Grohl as well. Finally, the actress included a short video of her and Grohl embracing on set, which fans couldn’t help but love. 

Why Were The Foo Fighters On Set Of ‘The Morning Show?’

Aniston released some behind-the-scenes footage of the Foo Fighters performing ‘Making a Fire’ on set of The Morning Show in her Instagram post as well. While it’s unclear how the Foo Fighters will be highlighted on The Morning Show, it’s clear the band has some involvement in the show. Based on the background of Aniston’s post, which featured the Foo Fighters’ name displayed behind them on stage, the band was performing as themselves. 

No matter their involvement, it’s obvious the Foo Fighters were just as excited to meet Aniston as she was over the moment. In fact, the band also expressed their excitement on social media by resharing Aniston’s post and writing, “Thanks for having us!!!!!!!”

The Future Of The Morning Show

Although The Morning Show recently released its second season on September 17, fans are already eager for more. The Apple TV+ hit show has yet to announce whether or not the series will return for a third season. However, several fans believe The Morning Show will return for another season because of its previous success, including Golden Globe nominations and Screen Actor’s Guild Awards. 


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