Super shy bulldog struggles to make new pals on first day at puppy school

Your first day at school can be one of life’s most daunting experiences.

It’s often wracked with nerves and a fear about meeting new classmates – as a gorgeous bulldog puppy discovered.

The timid dog’s adorable reaction to being overwhelmed by visiting a dog club for the first time has gone viral.

The young dog was visibly struggling on his first day and showing little desire to join the madness unfolding in front of him, The Mirror reports.

The TikTok clip from the account @fellathebulldog, showed the bulldog’s first moments at his new puppy club, with the pup, called Fella, looking very apprehensive about meeting his new classmates.

The footage shows the cute dog sticking to the corner near his owner.

‘Send help’. The cute puppy needed some encouragement

Although Fella was a bit reluctant at first, a further video showed that after a little while, he made some friends and even started to play and enjoy himself.

Viewers clearly related to the video, with one commenting: “I feel your pain! My girl was obviously way too cool to be told what to do. She owns me I’m afraid.”

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Another commenter wrote: “This was me at playgroup – I can fully relate Fella.”


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