Super-strong 1-year-old picks up 15lb ball and stuns the internet

A clip has gone viral across social media after a one year old baby successfully lifted a 15 pound medicine ball.

The video of the incredible feat was first posted on TikTok by user @truerebel88, whose child has since gone viral

They captioned the clip: “My one year old was determined to pick up this 15 pound medicine ball and succeeded!”

15 pounds in more than a stone and the equivalent of 6.8kg.

In the video, the baby can be seen squatting down and bending over to grab the big medicine ball, making gym-style noises as they do. With its hands underneath the ball, the baby is able to get back up and lift the heavy ball with it.

The baby lifted the medicine ball twice and did it all with a dummy still in its mouth. Adults can be heard laughing in amazement in the background.

On TikTok, the original clip has been viewed 27.7 million times and has also been shared widely on other social media sites.

It was also posted on Reddit community, which describes itself as “A subreddit for gifs and videos that are next f***ing level!”.

There, the clip has received almost 62,000 upvotes and amassed thousands of comments.

Many commented on the baby’s weight lifting form, suggesting they had better technique than many adults.

One person wrote: “Shoulder width stance, full squat, and that power move at the end had me dying. This baby’s got better form than most.”

Another provided a joke commentary, writing: “Form was pretty decent on his first lift. Drove his legs into the ground and used his back a bit in the end. 2nd lift it just unraveled. Could really see the fatigue setting in.

“Get usage of the pacifier tho, mentally in tune and breathing seemed adequate. I see great things on the horizon.”

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