Surrogate Motherhood – Mom Called a ‘Baby Seller’ After Giving Birth To Two Kids.

There is a myriad of ways we can uplift each other, and it all comes down to our personal choices at the end of the day. A woman from Florida is facing quite the backlash for choosing surrogacy to help couples who can’t have kids. 

Motherhood is a phenomenon that many people tend to take for granted. While nothing can compare to the joy of becoming a mother to a child, not everyone is lucky to experience this feeling in their lifetime.

This is where alternative methods like surrogacy come into play, though it’s debatable whether or not they should be opted for in the first place.

However, when Caitlyn C from Florida became a surrogate to help people who couldn’t have children, she was insulted and called a “baby seller” for choosing it as a way of life. Talking about the vile comments she often receives, she added:

“People can’t stand the fact that I am a surrogate.”

In a string of videos shared on the popular video-sharing platform TikTok, Caitlyn revealed that she’d been trolled for choosing surrogacy, and people often mock her, saying that she does it only for money.

So far, Caitlyn has given birth to two kids through surrogacy. As far as surrogacy is concerned, women in the US can receive money for being surrogates, while the same is considered illegal in the UK. Caitlyn also commented on the matter:

“I don’t see it as a job, I see it as helping somebody.”

In her response to the trolls and disgusting comments from people, the TikToker revealed that she has enough money to look after herself and her family, and she doesn’t need surrogacy to do so.

While there are people out there who have slammed Caitlyn’s choice of being a surrogate, not everyone holds the same opinion. Many netizens have left their comments on her TikTok videos. One user couldn’t help asking:

“Can you please explain to me why people would be upset about that because I honestly think what you’re doing is brave. Childbirth is scary enough [sic].”

Another user quickly jumped in to share their personal story of being a surrogate and said: “Three-time surrogate here! I was once told by a coworker that I was being ‘selfish’ [sic].”

Several netizens have taken umbrage over the vile comments, particularly the one where Caitlyn was called “disgusting” and a “baby seller.” A user commented:

“What a horrible thing to say to someone!! You are doing an amazing thing, you should be proud of what [you’re] doing!! Don’t let anyone get you down! [sic].”

People continue to drop their comments on the TikToker’s video, the majority of which are aimed at encouraging and appreciating her efforts in helping the couples in need of kids.


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