Survival instructor: Laundrie could hide in Carlton Reserve for months with enough supplies


It’s been nine days since Brian Laundrie’s parents say he set off into the swampy Carlton Nature Reserve and disappeared.

ABC7 spoke to a survival instructor to hear how long he thinks someone like Laundrie can survive in such a harsh, humid place.

Steven Claytor from North Florida Survival says most people wouldn’t last long in the Carlton Reserve, but it’s possible with the right preparation.

He thinks the major challenges are the heat and humidity, even more so than the snakes and alligators. Claytor said if Laundrie is trying to survive out there, he would need some kind of tarp to stay shaded and a place to boil water without being spotted by searchers.

He thinks an outdoorsman could make it several months, but not with just the clothes on his back.

“He’s going to have to have a lot of stuff to be able to stay out in a humid, hot swampy wet area and be able to maintain that for awhile.”

That instructor also pointed out that the Carlton Reserve would make for a miserable hideout. even under the best of circumstances.

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