Survivor 41 Episode 4 Preview: What Happens To The Ua Immunity Idol?

Based on the preview for Survivor 41 episode 4 that aired on CBS next week, it looks like there could be some drama. However, we’re not talking about a tribe swap, which often happens around this point in the game.

Instead, is it possible that Luvu could throw a challenge? It’s a little shocking that they’d be SO desperate to get rid of someone that they’d toss a challenge away to do so, but maybe something more happens that predicates that. It’s also hard to have context on a season like this, one where there are SO many different twists and advantages that it’s hard to really have a grasp on a lot of personal strategies.

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Ultimately, the lack of a tribe swap at this point is facilitating some of what’s happening at Luvu — plus a concern that one may be coming up down the road. If they believe that someone would automatically defect after a swap, it makes sense to get out someone now.

The larger reason for the game playing out this way, though, seems to be due to the immunity idol twist — production probably wanted to have all three of these idols activated, if possible. Alas, was that just thwarted by what happened with Brad? The show didn’t make it clear what would happen to Brad’s idol after he was voted out. If we had to guess it’ll be re-hidden somewhere at the Ua camp but, unfortunately, Luvu still hasn’t found theirs. Is there going to be a point when Xander is actually able to vote again?

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