Sussex Police debunk shark speculation

Sussex Police have revealed that one of their officers lied about seeing a swimming pool of sharks at a flat.


Inspector Darren Taylor explained in a now-deleted Twitter post that he and his team stumbled upon the shark-infested pool when they were called out to a property.

Taylor claimed that the ‘sharks’ were circling around an artificial Christmas tree at the centre of the pool but the police force has now claimed that the reality was considerably more tame as there were only goldfish in the water.

It said: “Officers were called to a neighbour dispute and not a disturbance as has been reported.

“Several types of goldfish/fish commonly kept as pets, were found in a children’s paddling pool fitted with pumps and filters, not a swimming pool, and none were sharks.

“The property landlords were contacted over concerns about the volume of water in the property, but there were no concerns over the welfare of the fish.”


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