T-shirt mocking people who died fleeing Afghanistan horrifies the internet

People have been horrified to discover a t-shirt mocking the people who died while desperately attempting to flee Afghanistan is being sold online.

The t-shirt depicts a military aircraft with the outline of two bodies falling out the back with the phrase “Kabul Skydiving Club Est. 2021” also included in the design.

It disgustingly mocks those who have tragically died in Afghanistan after they held onto a C-17 aircraft that took off from Harmid Karzai International Airport in Kabul as they desperately attempted to flee when the Taliban took control of the country.

As the plane took off, some decided it was too risky and got off at the eleventh hour, however, at least two people held on urgently in an attempt to escape the chaos.

Distressing footage then tragically shows two bodies falling from the plane’s undercarriage as it continued to climb in the sky.

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What’s worse is the blatant ignorance as to how the t-shirt is offensive within the product description, which says:

“Today we witness such a plane disaster in Kabul airport when 2 people falling from the Airplane in Afghanistan. The scene was full of chaos and we cannot deny the fact that Afghanistan is being taken over by the Taliban and the Afghans were trying to cling to planes, with the aim to escape from the country.

“We were truly heartbroken and empathetic with the horrifying death of 2 people falling from the plane, and it was a shock when the rest of the world understand how the people of Afghanistan are facing the situation over there. Deep in our heart, we pray for Afghanistan, and may the soul of the two people who fell from the plan rest in peace.

While in the next breath, they insensitively describe how “the Kabul Skydiving Club Shirt is officially becoming a phenomenon and goes viral on the Internet.”

“Taliban seized the capital Kabul, which causes the escape of thousands of Afghanistan people in Kabul’s airport on 17 Aug 2021. Two people – falling from the sky, out of the airplane, it hurts all of us.

“The shirt is originally not funny, it does have its own meaning in the political aspect, but in the end, it depends on how you feel about it!”

The T-shirts had featured on Etsy, Tee4Sport and Tee Chip but they appear to have been removed from their websites, though the design is still up on TShirtAtLowPrice, T-shirt Classic and Luxy Tees.

People have taken to Twitter to condemn the sickening design and have called on the t-shirt companies still selling it to remove it completely from their website.

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