Tamilrockers Website 2021: New Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil Movies Watch Online – Is it Legal?


Tamilrockers is a popular website in India which has a cult following as it allows users access to films from different film industries such as Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi. Users can either choose to watch those films online or download them.

About Tamilrockers

As mentioned earlier, Tamilrockers allows people across the country to download films from different industries as well as the Hollywood flicks in full HD. At first, Tamilrockers was only uploading Malayalam films, however, it began to upload all films in its ecosystem.

In addition to films, users can also find several top-rated TV Shows, Web Series, documentaries which they download illegally. It is important to note that the Indian Government has already issued a ban on Tamilrockers. Given that the site is banned, it is still operational and it is operated smoothly.

The makers of Tamilrockers usually chance the site’s domain name which becomes hard for the government to track it.

Back in 2018, the cyber police division of India has arrested three people who had an association with Tamilrockers. The police believed that one of those people was the administrator. Later in May 2019, some of the other members of Tamilrockers were also arrested in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore.

Currently, Tamilrockers offer several category contents to download such as Featured Movies, Latest Movies, Recently Added, among others.

Different categories of Tamilrockers

The different categories of Tamilrockers are as follows:

  • Users can find Malayalam films released from 2015 up until today, i.e., 2020.
  • A-Z Dubbed Malayalam Films.
  • Tamil HD Films
  • Malayalam Movies Collection (Dubbed)
  • Malayalam Video Songs and MP3

If users search for Tamilrockers or even Tamilrockers 2020, they will not find the referral link to the main website Tamilrockers.com. Google has reportedly de-indexed Tamilrockers from its native search.

Is Tamilrockers available as an app?

Tamilrockers is also available in the form of an app which has the same name. In the app, viewers can get all kinds of recently released films and TV Series. Users can download the Tamilrockers app from a third-party platform.

In the write-up, the readers won’t find any link as we do not promote piracy as it is illegal in India and it is a major criminal offense across the country and the world.

Is Downloading Films From Tamilrockers Legal?

Piracy in India is a serious crime which is also a criminal offense across the world. People cannot simply stream films but rather they can download the film as well.

The ecosystem of Tamilrockers is quite user-friendly on both laptops, PCs which makes it easier for people to download. In Tamilrockers, people can download films is different formats such as 360P, 720P, and also in 1080P. It is also regarded as one of the popular Malayalam and Tamil film pirated sites in India.

How Do People Download Films from Tamilrockers?

Before you proceed forward, you have to know that streaming and downloading films from Tamilrockers is illegal and it a criminal offense. However, here’s how people download films from Tamilrockers.

  • All a user has to do is search for the film or series that you desire to download in the search bar located in the navigation bar.
  • Then they will be redirected to a page that would contain the link either to download or stream that you desire.
  • The registered users of Tamilrockers can easily download the films or videos; however, if you’re not a registered user then you’ve to watch some advertisements to be able to download films and series of your choice.

Note: There is a highly likely chance that you’d see quite a handful of pop-up ads when you’re about to download films from Tamilrockers. Keep your patience intact.

What Is The Alternative Pirated Site Of Tamilrockers?

There are several other options when it comes to downloading films and TV Series for free. Most of the sites mentioned below are the perfect alternatives to Tamilrockers:


This article is to let people know about a site like Tamilrockers. In no way, we encourage piracy. The readers are requested not to divulge in piracy as it is a serious criminal offense in India. Moreover, the readers are requested to make sure that they watch film in theaters.


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