Tamron Hall producer quits amid ‘toxic’ environment charges

Amid charges that ABC host Tamron Hall has created a “toxic” work environment at her eponymous “Tamron Hall Show,” executive producer Candi Carter has left her job, according to a new report.

“Candi was so done with Tamron that she requested that ABC take her off the show,” network insiders told the Daily Mail in a blistering report published Friday. “The environment that Tamron has created on her show is toxic. It is literally bleeding staff.”

Reps for the show, now in its third season, didn’t immediately return The Post’s requests for comment.

“Tamron didn’t like that Candi tried to steer the ship and had ideas that clashed with hers, because Tamron believes the only opinion that matters is her opinion,” the show insider said.

A source told the Daily Mail that “when you work with Tamron, it’s her way or the highway.”
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“When you work with Tamron, it’s her way or the highway. Candi’s now on that highway to a much better job away from the cattiness that is destroying Tamron’s show.”

Carter, who will reportedly stay at the network in a new role, is the second producer to depart after legendary TV producer Bill Geddie was pushed out in 2020. Geddie — who previously worked on “The View,” like Carter — didn’t see eye to eye with Hall, herself a former MSNBC anchor and a “Today” co-anchor, according to Page Six.

The breaking point between the two of them, per a source, came when Geddie wanted to book an interview with Bill O’Reilly and the two disagreed as to whether Hall could push him on the sexual harassment allegations against him.

Carter previously worked on "The View."
Carter previously worked on “The View.”
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The Daily Mail additionally reported that, in July 2020, 20 show employees got the ax in a “giant blood bath” — something that Hall, 51, has called “entirely inaccurate.”

A spokesperson for the talk show added, “There were no layoffs or firings; rather, the show is making behind-the-scenes changes and chose not to renew some staff.”

Bill Geddie (left) departed the show due to reportedly not seeing eye-to-eye with Hall.
Bill Geddie (left) departed the show due to reportedly not seeing eye to eye with Hall (center).
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Hall has long been known for landing big interviews. Several months before his overdose-related death in September, late actor Michael K. Williams told her he sought mental health treatment after filming “Lovecraft Country” on HBO. Actor Billy Porter also sat down with Hall recently to open up further about his HIV status, which he revealed as positive in May after years of silence.


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