Tarantula on the roof turned out to be Halloween prop

Animal rescuers in California were called out to deal with a tarantula stranded on the roof of a house, only to discover that it was an old Halloween decoration.


The Peninsula Humane Society revealed that an animal control officer was sent to a neighbourhood in San Mateo to check on the insect but quickly discovered that it was just a prop.

The group said in a Facebook post that the officer quickly discovered “it was actually a Halloween decoration, not a pet Tarantula”.

Buffy Tarbox, communications manager at the Peninsula Humane Society, told SFGate: “She said it looked like it had been up there for a while.

“I guess if you don’t like spiders, that’s the better outcome.”

The homeowners were unaware that the plastic tarantula was on the roof.

Tarbox said: “The homeowners didn’t know the decoration was there. Everyone thought it was real.”


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