Tattoo Artist Reveals The Most Common Tattoos People Will Regret In 10 Years


When you get your first tattoo, you will always get at least one person warning you to make a good choice so you won’t end up regretting it a few years down the line.

As annoying as such nagging may seem at the time, this is pretty solid advice and it’s always good to do a little research before creating a permanent work of art on your skin. After all, tastes and fashions change, but a decent tattoo should stand the test of time.

Now, a professional tattoo artist has revealed what he thinks will be the most commonly regretted tattoos over the next few years, many of which you will have absolutely seen while out and about.

Taking to TikTok, tattoo artist Herchell Carrasco – who goes by the username @rockrollg – listed a number of tattoo designs clients were likely to regret in 10 years’ time.

Designs included the ever popular infinity sign and the ‘mind over matter’ tat, with Herchell warning that micro tattoos don’t age too well.

Other widely regretted tattoos include the money rose design and the Pinterest fave ‘feather/bird silhouette’. This may well look poetic and profound in your late teens, but after some time has passed you’re likely to tire of it.

Herchell has also warned against barcodes (steer well clear of the ‘human barcode’ tat), arrows and Friday 13th ink. Noted.


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