Tattoo artist shares common inkings that clients ‘will be left regretting’

Tattoo artist and TikTok user Rockrollg shared a series of videos showing the designs he predicts will be the most regretted tattoos in the next ten years

The videos have been viewed more than 3.8 million times

Trends often disappear as quickly as they come around – and tattoos are no different.

Gone are the days of simply walking into a tattoo shop and picking out a picture from a book, with clients instead often working with artists to sketch out detailed designs in the style they envisioned.

But tattoo artists still find themselves inking tattoos along the same themes again and again – and one has now spoken out about the most common tattoos that he says clients will soon be left regretting.

Artist and TikTok user Rockrollg shared a series of videos on social media to highlight some popular designs that he suspects will fall out of favour in the next decade, and it might make for some uncomfortable viewing if yours pop up.

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He sets out the designs he predicts will be the most regretted tattoos in the next 10 years, which include an infinity symbol, small wording as “micro tattoos don’t age well”, the outline of a forrest, and at number one he placed the “classic” rose made from bank notes.

Other examples include the silhouettes of birds flying from a feather, arrows as the artist said the design “used to give me anxiety”, and the number 13.

Also high on the list was any form of barcode, as he revealed: “Now barcodes, I can’t tell you how many I’ve covered up.”

The videos racked up more than 3.8 million views as the artist reassured people, writing: “Friends, please don’t take this personal, I have tattoos that could make up a full video but I love them, if you love yours that’s ALL that matters.”

One person replied to the video to say: “Naw no way I don’t regret any of mine maybe because I live for me and don’t care what others think about my ink.”

A second asked: “What is wrong with the forrest sir!! Me having one I want to know.”

A third wrote: “My brother says my rose tattoo looks like a cabbage 🙁 “, and another added: “I have an infinity matching with one of my besties… at least I don’t have an ex’s name tatted, now that’s bad.”

Someone else said: “You just tryna make everyone second guess they whole life.”


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