Tattoo artists share strangest inkings they’ve seen – like rude crotch design

Tattoo artists have candidly discussed the most worrying designs customers have asked them for – and some of them are truly awful.

While artists are clever with ink, there’s sometimes not much you can do to improve on a terrible design choice.

And, writing on a Reddit thread we’re not sure we knew that so many people desired lewd, shocking or down right dirty tattoos.

We’d rather see a million more dandelions and dreamcatchers than these creations…

Posting on the thread, the original poster asked people to describe the “most f***ed up thing” they had seen or tattooed on somebody.

One person replied that they once helped a young 18-year-old woman with her ink.

Some of the artists rejected designs
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They said: “She wanted a chain around her waist with a lock hanging on it just above her vagina and the words ‘Property of Dave’ or whatever the f*** her boyfriends name was.

“First off, she was 18 so I figured the relationship probably wasn’t going to last so I wouldn’t do it for that reason. Then come to find out, her boyfriend had just been sentenced to life in prison for murder.”

Lovely… never get a couple’s tattoo, people!

A third noted: “Saw a guy with a genie coming out of his butthole up to the small of his back. Peeking out over the seat of his pants I imagine.

“Saw another guy, sweet looking grandfatherly type. Had what looked like a home done/prison tattoo on his penis that said ‘suck it’.

“Saw a woman with the rolling stones lips tongue thing inside of her armpit… Must have hurt like hell.”

What's the oddest design you've ever seen?
What’s the oddest design you’ve ever seen?

Meanwhile, another said: “This young man wanted a tattoo on his back. It said something like, ‘Lisa please forgive me’.

“I told asked him if this was some last ditch effort to get this girl back. He said yes, and I told him this is a really bad idea you shouldn’t do this. He wanted the tattoo anyway, so he got it.

“If it worked out with him and the girl she will always remember this terrible thing he did that was so bad he had to go get a tattoo to try and prove how wrong he was.

“Or if it didn’t work out with them, whoever he dated afterwards would ask him what terrible thing he did that was so bad he had to go get a tattoo to try fix things with his ex. It seemed like a no win scenario with that tattoo.”

And a jokester laughed: “The weirdest was the guy who wanted a brown star outline tattooed on his elbow, because, ‘my ma says I can’t tell my a*** from my elbow!”

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