Tattoo fan with £7k of full body ink often accused of being ‘gang member or addict’

A young tattoo obsessive has revealed that strangers often make incorrect assumptions about her career and personality because of her ink.

Eva Pearz, from Costa Rica, claims that people often think she’s a “drug addict” or “gang member” because of her full body designs.

But, the intelligent 27-year-old is actually a marketing strategy developer for online sellers.

She works on several platforms, as well as juggling roles as a tattoo apprentice and shibari model on the side.

Shibari is a Japanese form of rope art which sees the body suspended through the use of knots and ties.

As well as this, Eva also has almost 10,000 Instagram subscribers on her page @evapearz.

Eva has worked hard to pay for her tattoos

Eva told the Daily Star: “Some people assume that I am rude or cold and that I only listen to black metal music (just because of my style).

“I’ve been assumed to be a drug addict and/or member of a gang.

“Some people think that I am married to a tattoo artist while others think that I won a giveaway.

“But the truth is that I’ve worked very hard for the last 11 years of my life to be able to afford my-current lifestyle.

“I’ve sacrificed many vain things and focused on developing my life to its fullest to be where I am. So, people can think and say what they want. Im totally proud of myself and who I am becoming.”

Eva's ink is made up of a number of different styles
Eva’s ink is made up of a number of different styles

Eva got her first tattoo as soon as she was legally able to.

The tattoo fan explained: “I got my first tattoo as soon as I turned 18, I did it a couple of days after my birthday and it’s at the back of my neck.

“I got the word ‘Freedom’ tattooed as a symbol of breaking free from all my past limitations, it also has five flying birds (five represents the Superior Divine Law).

“The whole tattoo represents that freedom only comes when you align to the superior Divine Law.”

Divine laws are those which have been put upon humans by a God or deity.

Eva went on to explain why she loved body art enough to get large tattoos across her body.

Eva says that people make assumptions about her because of her tattoos
Eva says that people make assumptions about her because of her tattoos

She said: “I love getting tattooed.

“For me, every tattoo session I go through is a ritual of expression and breakthroughs.

“I’ve always loved tattoos but it wasn’t until a year and a half ago that I met Chalana [an artist] and his art and I just naturally became obsessed with it.

“So we started this amazing project on my body, and now I’m becoming a walking piece of art.

“My tattoos are based on different styles (Black work, dot work, ornamental) and are all from the same artist.”

Eva has invested more than $10,000 (£7,290) into her tattoos, but she doesn’t have any plans to stop.

Eva is training as a tattoo apprentice
Eva is training as a tattoo apprentice

The ink fan said: “My tattoos are are actually a body-suit in progress, the plan is to cover my whole body –excluding the front of my face.

“Now the next move will be to finish my left arm and then I will start my back piece.”

Despite some people making negative assumptions about Eva, plenty of others adore the creative’s intricate body art.

Eva noted: “Many people are attracted to the tattoos, the ink provides something special.

“I don’t know what it is but people get very interested. I always get a lot of questions and comments about my tattoo art. “

Eva's family fully support her dreams
Eva’s family fully support her dreams

She continued: “Even some people who had no interest on me in the past are now in my DM’s asking around and being friendly!”

And, luckily, the young woman is supported by her family.

She explained: “My family fully accepts me.

“They were very impressed at the beginning but a bit unsure.

“Now that they see me learning the art and being really interested becoming an artist myself, they can make a lot more sense of it all and fully support me.”

Now, Eva dreams of living in a big house in the jungle of Costa Rica with a partner and many adopted animals while continuing to work on her tattoos and experimenting with skydiving and shibari suspension.

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