Tattoo model Amber Luke claims ‘hard work’ got her luxury lifestyle not ‘luck’

Extreme tattoo model Amber Luke has opened up about working hard to live a life of luxury – and says she hates it when people say she’s “lucky”.

The 26-year-old has attracted over 13,700 followers on Instagram, @amber_luke666, for her full body inkings.

Amber, from Australia, got her eyeballs tattooed when she was 22 and also has facial designs and a full tattoo body suit.

But, she insists that her flamboyant lifestyle – she flaunts supercars and expensive clothes on social media – is the result of hard work and dedication.

Amber, who has a split tongue, has diamond grills on her teeth and often sports dramatic, costly manicures.

And, lets not forget about the fortune the model has spent on her ink which includes large pieces of art on her neck, chest, legs, arms, stomach, bum and face.

Amber posted on Instagram after people told her she was lucky
(Image: amber_luke666/Instagram)

Posting a defiant snap on Instagram, the model said: “BO$$ B***H PER$ONA.

“’You’re so lucky’ – is what I hear a lot of the time.

“No – don’t get it twisted.

“I work f***ing HARD for what I have; I always have and I always will strive to give myself & my loved ones a more luxurious life.”

She continued: “Life is not a joyride man – lemme tell you, I’ve lived the life of a 90-year-old at 26.

“Although, I must say. I am hella grateful for all my experiences – positive and negative.

“I am hella grateful for every single one of you who support my journey.”

Amber was bullied over her looks before she got her tattoos
Amber was bullied over her looks before she got her tattoos
(Image: Instagram/amber_luke666)

The tattoo model’s post garnered scores of likes – and many offered her words of support.

“You’re amazing, don’t ever change,” added one follower.

Another wrote: “Keep positive.”

“You always be posting the best photos,” fawned a fan.

Amber was previously told she had 'ruined herself' with tattoos by a troll
Amber was previously told she had ‘ruined herself’ with tattoos by a troll
(Image: Instagram/amber_luke666)

But, Amber hasn’t always felt supported in her lifestyle.

Previously, she revealed how she’d been picked on since she was at school.

Then after covering 98% of her body in tattoos, she faced insults from trolls who branded her “ugly scum”.

But, Amber refuses to let negative people bring her down.

Last month, Amber said: “You think that it would hurt me, but I’ve gotten so so strong over the years of this torment.”


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