Tattoo model says painful transformation made her feel stronger and ’empowered’

A tattoo model says the pain of being under the needle has made her a stronger person.

Amber Luke feels “empowered” after covering 98% of her body in ink – and she hit out at those who leave negative comments about her transformation.

Speaking about her journey on Instagram, she wrote: “You know, over the years I’ve grown and built myself – many professionals have told me I suffer with body dysmorphia.

“I don’t understand why a negative light is being shined on my transformation – my story is a lengthy one – but it is an empowering one at that.”

Amber battled with her mental health as a teenager but found tattoos to be a great way to express herself.

She explained: “I struggled immensely with my depression at 16, when I first started my journey. I saw it as an opportunity to reclaim my confidence and build myself into someone I’m proud of being.”

Amber Luke doesn’t regret going through the pain of getting tattooed

Through the years, Amber has altered her appearance with body modification.

She’s covered 98% of her body in ink, as well as getting piercings on her face, body and even crotch.

The influencer has also braved gruesome procedures.

She’s had her tongue split into a fork, ears stretched and eyeballs inked a bright shade of blue.

Another big change is her hair, which she’s dyed to match her vibrant peepers.

Amber Luke
Amber before her tattoo transformation

Amber Luke
The tattoo model has since covered 98% of her body in ink

Amber continued: “Critics can label it however they want – but at the end of the day, I see life like i see a tattoo…

“At the start, it f***ing hurts man. The tattoo; life…. you learn to cope with the pain the best you can and you grow from it.

“You are sitting at your session – getting drilled by the needle, you learn to persevere just like you learn to become resistant to life’s hurdles.

“At the end of it all, you’re left with something beautiful that you can keep for the rest of your life; same goes for a life lesson.

“I dunno, I guess that’s just the way I see it.

“You were put here to lead & inspire – don’t you forget that.”

Amber Luke
Fans left Amber their words of support

Amber’s post has garnered 2,600 likes and dozens of positive comments.

One supporter said: “Love this message of self evolution.”

Another wrote: “You’re completely right, sweetie. Keep fighting for your self love.”

A third commented: “You’re so unapologetically you. I love that babe.”

And a fourth added: “Nicely said.”

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