Tattoo obsessive spends value of ‘small car’ on ink but is ‘terrified’ of needles

A tattoo fan with ink all over her body has revealed that despite her artfully covered body she’s terrified of needles.

Jana Melody Miller got her first tattoo at 19, but has had hundreds since even though she faints when confronted with injections at the doctors.

The 27-year-old, from Germany, claims that nurses often think she’s joking when she warns them about her phobia.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Jana said: “The best example of people making assumptions about me because of my tattoos is at the doctors!

“I am really terrified of needles in a medical setting – I think many tattooed people are btw – and most nurses won’t believe me or think it’s a joke when I tell them.

“I most likely will pass out when I get an injection or get blood samples taken.”

Jana’s back, legs and bum are covered in intricate tattoos

But, despite this Jana has no fears when it comes to tattoos as she’s able to withstand the pain and loves the way they look.

The bombshell, who has 91,900 followers on Instagram account @janamelodymiller, explained: “I got the trashy skull on my thigh first when I was 19.

“I get them because they look cool!

“Tattoos aren’t as shocking anymore as they used to be and for most heavily inked people the reason to get tattoos is because of the aesthetic. I get inspired by tattoo artists a lot but it’s too late to change the style anyways.

“Most of my tattoos are realistic mixed with a little Chicano and trash, mostly in black and red.”

Jana kneeling
Jana wants to tattoo her second sleeve and then her legs

Jana’s body is layered with lots of grey and black designs with red pops of colour – including the large red and white flower motifs on her bum cheeks, a rose on her shoulder and lettering on her thighs that states “What Ever”.

She has a number of women inked in exquisite detail alongside skulls, a large jewel and waves behind her breasts.

And Jana’s not planning on stopping there.

She noted: “I am currently planning my other sleeve. I would really want to do my legs first but I feel so blank on my upper body (front) compared to my backside and lower region.

“I definitely want to get mostly everything done, the only thing I am not sure about yet is my chest.”

Jana in lingerie
Despite loving tattoos, Jana is scared of needles

She added: “I can’t tell how much I’ve spent on tattoos any more, but summed up the worth of them all is definitely a small car by now.”

And, the Instagram influencer certainly has ink in lots of unexpected places – the most painful of which is rather intimate.

Jana commented: “The most painful though was definitely my butt tattoo. Especially In between the butt cheeks.

“I have never felt that kind of pain in my life before (and I really hope never again)!

“People ask the most questions about my belly tattoo though because it goes pretty… far down.”

Jana with her hair down
Jana’s family love her look

And, the former make up artist and tattoo apprentice is fully supported by her family.

Jana commented: “My huge back piece is done by my boyfriend and I didn’t have to pay for it at all.

“My dad is also tattooed and most of my friends are too. My grandparents don’t have any tattoos but they are really fascinated by it and support me a lot!”

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