Tayler Holder responds to claims AnEsonGib is a better fighter after getting roasted on TikTok

Tayler Holder has responded to claims that former boxing rival AnEsonGib is a better fighter than him, after people brought up their YouTubers vs. TikTokers bout in the comment section of a TikTok.

The Battle of the Platforms fight on June 12 was a highly anticipated event that saw some of the most popular creators from both TikTok and YouTube step into the ring to prove once and for all who the better platform was.

One of the biggest controversies of the night was between TikToker Tayler Holder and YouTuber AnEsonGib. The fight was initially declared a draw, but the result was later changed to declare Gib the winner — however, Tayler disagreed with the decision.

But months on from the fight, it looks like people still haven’t forgotten what went down. On September 9, Tayler uploaded a video to TikTok of him training with a punching bag.

The comments were immediately flooded with replies reminding him of his fight with Gib. “Didn’t do this in the fight tho,” one commenter wrote, another saying: “none of this matters bc you can’t do it in a real fight.”

One person made the claim that “Gib is so much better” than him, but Tayler had some choice words in response.

“He’s really not,” he wrote. “He’s a trash fighter, he just has the experience over me of being under the lights and pressure. It was my first time.”

However, he was quickly bombarded with comments calling him a “sore loser,” calling him out for “blaming” the lights and the pressure.

Despite the pay controversy surrounding the event, Austin McBroom has claimed he wants to set up another event soon, so many will be curious to see whether Tayler steps into the ring again.

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