Teacher desperate to see Harry Styles perform begs students to social distance

A secondary school teacher desperate to see Harry Styles perform in concert created a countdown to the gig in her classroom, asking students to keep their distance

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Teacher installs clever social distancing sings so she can attend Harry Styles concert

After what feels like a very long time, concerts and festivals have finally restarted.

Naturally, there are a few extra rules in place, with guests required to show proof of negative Covid test or vaccination cards to enter many venues.

One secondary school teacher desperate to ensure she didn’t get sick before her concert went viral after sharing the strict system she created in her classroom.

Miss Vaughn, who works in Texas, said she came up with the system as masks aren’t enforced in school.

And student’s don’t have to isolate if they come into contact with someone who tests positive for Covid.

Her video went viral



The sign left people in stitches



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So in a bid to stop herself from falling unwell, she created a sign counting down the days until she attended the concert.

On it, it urged students to keep their distance if they felt sick or had been in contact with a Covid-positive person.

One sign added: “This is serious to me, please don’t get me sick.”

Another joked: “If you even have a tickle, please keep your distance.”

On TikTok, she asked for suggestions of signs she could put up importing students to keep their distance ahead of the concert.

People were left in stitches at her notes, as one commented: “I would give everyone an A if they wore their mask correctly.

“Is it ethical? No. Would it get the job done? Yes.”

Another suggested: “What makes you beautiful is staying away from me.”

A fellow teacher added: “I feel like I should do this in my classroom, it is genius.”

A third joked: “Just write ‘Three days left, do not come near me even if you are well.”

Others simply loved the concept, as one commented: “This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.”

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