Teacher Shares The Hilarious Things A Group Of 6-Year-Olds Wanted To Get Off Their Chests


If you’ve ever wanted to know what goes on in the mind of a six-year-old, then this is your chance, because a teacher has just shared the hilarious responses he got when he asked his class what they wanted to get off their chests. 

George Pointon, who jokes on his account that he is ‘exploiting children’s imagination for likes’, took to his Twitter to share an insight into the brains of his class.

The thread has since gone viral, with followers unable to get enough of Pointon’s class’ responses to being asked ‘if they wanted to get something off their chest’ and his subsequent replies.

To begin the conversation, one of the six-year-olds, called Rory, got straight to the point, admitting that the one thing which had been troubling him was that, ‘Loud noises are too loud’.

Pointon admitted that he ‘actually had to agree’ with the child, informing his followers that Rory’s pet peeve was actually the sound of thunder, which was ‘a brave thing to express’.

Second, following Rory, was a more controversial view from a boy named JJ, who resolved that his sleepless nights had been caused by his opinion that ‘Pizza isn’t very nice’.

Pointon joked that there was ‘silence in the room. Like the last shot fired at Stalingrad.’

‘Nobody really knew how to react. It’s an opinion. Certainly an unpopular one. JJ is no sheep. He knows who he is and what he wants,’ he stated.

The initial post has garnered over 50,100 likes, 10,300 retweets and 380 comments, with other users taking to the tweet in fits of giggles over the admissions and adding their own tales. One said: ‘I was a childminder and one of the kids kept talking about Billy take away Joe then I saw her coat peg Billy-Joe whenever I see a hyphenated name now it makes me smile.’

I asked my class to discuss which shape they thought was the odd one out (triangle, square or hexagon), just as a discussion topic to get them talking mathematically. The first response? ‘The hexagon… it looks suspicious.’

A third commented: ‘My daughter said “for Gods sake” to me when she was very young. I said not to say that as she didn’t know who God was. She replied confidently “yes I do, God saved the queen”.’

From Pointon embarrassingly admitting to loving the same song as a child named Mo, to him taking pride in some of his student’s assertive answers, his final quote of the week came from April, aged 4, who said: ‘You can only do a handstand if you fall down before it’.

Definitely a motto to live by.


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