Tearful mum’s baby shower ruined when nobody turns up – not even new son’s grandma

A young mum was left crying when nobody showed up to her baby shower after she gave birth to her son.

In a heartbreaking TikTok video uploaded on Sunday (October 10) 19-year-old Annie @agkrogmeier01 says she was left “embarrassed” as she sat by herself, realising her friends and family were going to let her down or had clean forgotten.

The new parent cradles her newborn baby son and wipes away a tear.

She writes: “Had a baby shower today just to wait there looking stupid, and end up having nobody show.”

“I was so embarrassed. My own mum didn’t even show,” she adds in the caption.

The mum was upset when her party was snubbed

The video has been watched more than a million times and there was an outpouring of support for Annie, with many viewers suggesting she let them donate some money for her baby.

One user reassured her: “This is where you move away and forget to tell them.

“Find somewhere with love and support. Blood doesn’t equal love all of the time.”

A second commented: “Just remember your baby loves you more than anyone else ever could.

“Honour that baby by doing better for your baby than your mum did for you.

“That’s what I’m doing for my daughter.”

Someone else blasted: “People don’t care anymore. I’m not throwing parties or anything for my kids.

The teenager said even her mum didn't show up
The teenager said even her mum didn’t show up

“We’ll do something fun and if someone wants to get my kid something or see them for their birthday that’s fine.

“If it doesn’t benefit them they just don’t care.”

Annie explained in the comments that the party was organised by her aunt, who did show up along with some other organisers, but allegedly nobody else on the guestlist bothered to come.

“My mum said she forgot,” she said in a comment.

The TikToker added she felt “petty” for making the video because she had hurt feelings and didn’t do it to receive money from strangers.


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