Ted Lasso S03: Will Trent Crimm return? (SPOILERS!)

This week’s Ted Lasso season 2 finale was fantastic — and who knew one of the best moments would come from Trent Crimm? The journalist was fired from his job at the Independent after revealing to Ted that his source for the article was Nate. It’s an understandable move for the publication to make, all things considered, but it’s still a bummer to think of this show without Ted. After all, he’s been one of the better recurring characters and a fascinating foil for Ted. He had zero interest in showing him respect at the start of the series and yet, he cared enough about him to risk his whole career in the end.

Now, let’s go ahead and share some of the good news: Trent’s journey is far from over! Speaking in a new interview with Deadline following the finale, show executive producer Bill Lawrence confirmed that you will be seeing more of Trent moving into season 3; how that works, meanwhile, will remain a mystery.

Meanwhile, you are also going to have a chance to see a good bit more of Dr. Sharon, who played an extremely important role in season 2.

One of the things that we’ve seen continuously in the press leading up for season 2/season 3 now is that the show initially had a three-year plan. That does still seem to be the case. Note that this does not necessarily mean that season 3 will be the final season but in the event the show continues beyond that, there will need to be another story to make it worthwhile. (We’re already bracing for the idea that season 3 is the final one at Apple TV+, even if we don’t necessarily want that.)

Odds are, Ted Lasso season 3 is going to be premiering at some point next year.


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