‘Teen Mom’ Alum Farrah Abraham Ripped by Fans Over Daughter Sophia’s Homeschool Setup

Just like others across the country, Farrah Abraham’s daughter Sophia is going the remote route for school this year. To celebrate the back-to-school season, the Teen Mom alum gave her fans a look at her daughter’s homeschooling setup. But, some are already criticizing the star for having a lavish setup for her daughter, per The Sun.

Abraham recently posting a TikTok in order to showcase the setup. In the video, both Abraham and Sophia appear in order to showcase her rather elaborate-looking locker. The locker likely doesn’t look like anything that you’ve encountered while walking down the halls. Sophia’s locker has a large mirror and flashing lights that change color. The inside of the locker is just as lavish, as the shelves are decorated in black and white floral paper, stickers, and cash. The 12-year-old’s belongings could be seen in the locker, which included everything from perfume to sneakers.

Abraham’s TikTok video largely featured Sophia as she decorated the locker. But, the reality star did appear in the clip at the very end as she closed the locker door and revealed a sign that read, “Made it to middle school.” While it seemed as though Sophia was thrilled about decorating the locker, TikTok users weren’t as stoked to see this display. As The Sun noted, many commented to criticize “materialistic” locker.

“So freaking materialistic is sickening,” one user wrote. Another added, “Must be nice to be spoiled.” Much of the attention was focused on the locker, but some also criticized Abraham for choosing to homeschool her daughter in such a manner. One individual wrote, “Middle schooler. She doesn’t do any schoolwork & has the reading age of a 6yr old. It’s all for show. She can barely string a coherent sentence 2getha.”

While Abraham has not responded to this backlash just yet, she most recently spoke out about her daughter’s well-being. Back in June, Abraham claimed that Child Protective Services once threatened to take her daughter away. In a follow-up to that statement, the former Teen Mom star posted a TikTok in mid-August to clarify that her daughter is doing alright. In the clip, her daughter says, “I got a bed, I got a roof, and I’m fine.” Abraham added sarcastically, “Oh my god I got a bed and a roof and I’m fine and I eat and I sleep and I have good mental health. I’m like overall an amazing person.”

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