Teen Mom Chelsea Houska flaunts slim figure in tight leggings after showing fans her ‘loose skin’ from four pregnancies

TEEN Mom Chelsea Houska flaunted her slim figure in tight leggings after she showed her fans the “loose skin” from her four pregnancies.

Chelsea, 29, shared her weight loss journey in an Instagram story.  


Chelsea shared her ‘walk + run’ on InstagramCredit: INSTAGRAM
Chelsea shared video of her 'audience'


Chelsea shared video of her ‘audience’Credit: INSTAGRAM

The former Teen Mom 2 star walked across a grassy field in her workout gear.

The ex MTV star wore a white tank top and yellow leggings.

She also had a cap on her head and appeared to be listening to music from her headphones. 

Chelsea mentioned that she did a “walk and run” in her caption.

The reality star also jokingly confirmed that she was “so not a runner.”

During her stretching session on the field, the TV star also noticed the livestock nearby in her second story.

She captioned the short vid that there was “an audience for my stretching.”

Recently, Chelsea Houska showed off the “loose skin and stretch marks” on her stomach.

Chelsea welcomed her six-month-old Walker back in January with her husband Cole DeBoer, 30.

She also shares Watson, three, and Layne, one, with Cole, as well as Aubree, 10, with her ex Adam Lind.


During an Instagram Q&A with her followers, the TV personality shared the results of her workout schedule currently looked like.

A fan had asked: “How did you lose postpartum tummy weight?”

The Teen Mom star explained how her body had changed from her four pregnancies by lifting up her gray sweatshirt.

The mother of four flaunted her flat stomach while also revealing some “postpartum stomach talk.” 

She did have “a little bit of loose skin and some stretch marks on my front.”

The MTV mom added that “most of my stretch marks are on my side.” 

Chelsea shared that though she got the marks after she had her eldest daughter Aubree but ”they didn’t get worse with each baby.”

Since giving birth to her youngest daughter Walker this year, the 29-year-old has been working hard to tone up.


Recently, while answering questions from fans on social media, Chelsea responded to the curious fan who asked: “Will you be raising your cows to eat or just as pets?”

She shut down the idea of the former option and threw shade at Jenelle Evans, 29, in the process.

Chelsea replied: “All of our animals are strictly pets and always will be that way!”

Her shade at her former co-star came after fans slammed Jenelle and her husband David Eason for killing and eating their pet goat Elvis.

In a video, David talked about killing the goat, which had been born on their farm and raised for over a year.

David dropped the bombshell and revealed that “this is Elvis, the little baby we had last year.”

Chelsea showed the 'loose skin' from her stomach


Chelsea showed the ‘loose skin’ from her stomachCredit: Instagram/Chelsea Houska
Chelsea showed off her baby bump


Chelsea showed off her baby bumpCredit: Instagram
Chelsea, Cole, Aubree, Layne, Walker, and Watson pictured together


Chelsea, Cole, Aubree, Layne, Walker, and Watson pictured togetherCredit: Instagram / @chelseahouska

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